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Ask the Experts: Video Q&A With NYU Langone Health 2021

Ask the Experts: Video Q&A With NYU Langone Health 2021

When it comes to taking on 31 straight days of dedicated quality time with your bike, it helps to have some professional advice on how to stay energized, motivated, and safe. Bike New York’s Chantal Hardy recently sat down with Bethany Ridenhour, DPT, OCS, CSCS, and Dennis Cardone, DO, from NYU Langone Health to discuss expert-approved tips for how Spoketober participants and cyclists of all skill levels can train effectively, avoid injury, and make the most of their time behind the handlebars.

Here’s a quick overview of the topics we cover in this video:

  • What to consider when ramping up activity levels and returning to exercise after a long break. How can you safely work your way back into cycling shape? (jump to section)
  • Most common cycling-related injuries and how to prevent them. (jump to section)
  • Training tips to prevent injury or while recovering from common injuries. How can bike fit lead to injuries and affect performance, and how can you adjust? (jump to section)
  • How to train to prepare your body for different types of riding—indoor vs. outdoor, mountain biking vs. road biking. (jump to section)
  • What to consider before bike touring—how to affects the body differently than single-day or short rides. (jump to section)
  • How to mentally and psychologically prepare for rides, and how to properly set cycling health goals. (jump to section)
  • Training and riding tips for fall and winter. (jump to section)
  • How to maximize performance during Spoketober or other duration-based cycling challenges. (jump to section)
  • Being mindful when returning to a sport after an illness. (jump to section)


Huge thanks to Bethany, Dr. Cardone, and the team at NYU Langone Health for sharing their perspectives and offering our riders such great advice!


There’s a lot to love about Spoketober. As if 31 days of heart-pumping, endorphin-charging rides weren’t enough, registrants can enjoy all kinds of benefits thanks to the generosity of our fantastic sponsors. NYU Langone Health, Bike New York’s official Healthcare partner, has provided a 10% discount for all Spoketober participants for their first NYU Langone Health Sports Performance Center service.