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Top 20 Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment ($12 Per Hour)

 Top 20 Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment ($12 Per Hour)


Classic tasks with data entry
Classic data entry tasks have been around for a very long time. All other forms of data entry tasks appeared much later, with the advent of the Internet, but the classic data entry tasks existed long before that.

1. Keys for data entry
The responsibilities of Data Entry Keyers include accurately extracting relevant information from all types of documents (such as academic, business, legal, medical, etc.) and entering data into databases such as an Excel spreadsheet or company templates.

This data is then passed on to customers.

Data keys are also part of quality control, where they detect errors in the data and correct them. Data keys must have a typing rate of 50 words per minute with an error rate of 0%. Knowledge of MS Excel is also required.

On average, entry-level Data Keyers can easily make $ 10 to $ 15. But experienced operators can earn more.

2. Data entry specialists
Data entry clerks follow specific procedures to perform various repetitive clerical tasks such as filling out documents in an alphabet file, sending to individual accounts, billing and sending to department accounts, coding, etc.

You must have high school and 2 years of work experience. You should also be familiar with a variety of office software, especially MS Office.

Data entry clerks can also earn up to $ 15 an hour.

Although the job of a data entry clerk is very similar to that of a data entry specialist, there is a difference. Data entry clerks' jobs include many physical activities for long hours or frequent work with weights up to 20 pounds.

Both of these jobs don't work, but after COVID-19, companies allow you to work from home online.

You can easily find these types of jobs on Fiverr. I wrote a post here on the best Fiverr ideas where you can check out how people are making a lot of money selling data entry services.

Regular Internet Data Entry Jobs
After two online data entry tasks, the bulk of the online data entry work is completed.

3. Convert image to text
This was my first job on data entry on the Internet. You will be provided with image files that are a screen shot of a paragraph containing medical terminology.

You must read the images and write them in MS Word. A paragraph can contain from 100 to 150 words. You have to convert such images to text format.

Accuracy is very important here because the words are mostly medical terms and not regular English. Typically, data entry companies require 99.99% accuracy. So, you have to be very careful.

You get between $ 3 and $ 4 for converting one image file to text format. If you convert 25-30 of these files per day, you can easily get between $ 80 and $ 100 per day.

This is the most common data entry job you come across on the Internet.

4. Convert audio to text
This is where you convert audio files to text format. You record audio files and play them in a Word document.

You will need excellent listening skills because often the voice is unclear and can contain a lot of technical jargon. Typing speed is also very important if you want to fill a large number of files daily.

You can call it a rewriting job, but it is different from a medical scribe because the videos do not contain medical jargon.

 You can earn over $ 5 per file.

Medical transcriptionist and medical encoder
The job of a transcriptionist requires training and some experience. However, transcriptionists earn 4-5 times more than other conventional data entry specialists.

5. Medical transcriptionist
There is a huge demand for medical transcriptionists in the USA. Both private and public sector companies are always looking for an experienced medical transcriptionist.

A medical transcriptionist listens to various audio files and converts them to a text file.

These audio files are mainly medical files, voicemail messages, telephone recordings, conference calls, and other recordings.

The challenge here is that the transcriptionist has to listen to and type in the doctors' dictations with heavy accents and slurred words. Sometimes the voice in the video is not clear.

You need excellent listening skills and a thorough understanding of all medical jargon. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand certain words.

To become a transcriptionist, you need at least 2 years of training and work experience. Companies are willing to pay medical transcriptionists $ 20 to $ 25 an hour.

6. Medical coder
The medical coder has to read the patient's health report, analyze his / her medical history such as diagnosed diseases, prescribed treatment, and then based on the diagnosis