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At Last I Crossed $5500 this Month in Google AdSense


At Last I Crossed $5500 this Month in Google AdSense


My net income from blogging
If you don’t understand exactly how I generate income from Adsense, when many internet marketers say “Adsense is dead”, then you need to wait for my next article.

I'm going to show you everything I've done to make money blogging. And yes, if you don't even make $ 1000, this post will be very helpful to you.

Here are my gross income and expenses to calculate my net income:

Google Adsense: $ 5,644 (as you checked above)
Affiliate Marketing: $ 450 ($ 300 at Clickbank and $ 150 at Amazon.in)
PTC Sites: $ 520 (mostly from Clixsense and Neobux)
SEO Training: $ 300
Gross income: $ 6,914

Office rent: 250 $
Salary: $ 250 for 2 employees
Content Writing: $ 200
Hosting fee: $ 100 (for all hosting for all my blogs)
AWeber Subscription: $ 149
Utility bills and overheads: $ 100 (Internet connection, phone bills, gasoline and other miscellaneous expenses)
Costs: 1049 $
So my net income is $ 6,914 - $ 1,049 = $ 5,865 or Rs. 3.50,000 at current exchange rates

Important points about my earnings
I have about 20 blogs and most of this income comes from 10 blogs.
Over 95% of the traffic to all my sites comes from India. Less than 2% of traffic from the USA
I never use any SEO techniques.
I don’t spend money on any paid SEO software like ahrefs or a keyword tool.
Wait for my next article to find out “exactly how I do it”.