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25 Part Time Jobs Near Me Hiring Now

 25 Part Time Jobs Near Me Hiring Now


The 25 best part-time jobs near you that you have hired now
not full time
In addition to skills and desire, you will also have to invest two, three, or more hours a day to make a large amount of money. However, I can assure you that all the efforts will bring a great return on investment.

So here's my carefully curated list of the 25 best part-time jobs. Salaries are indicative and are taken from reputable websites including Payscale.com and Salary.com.

1. Online and offline tutor ($ 17.95 per hour)
Some online tutors have become millionaires because they teach English, math, science, and other subjects in the American curriculum to international students. Online tutoring is a great job for teachers (or anyone who loves to teach) looking to earn extra money.

Or you can offer offline learning as well. Generally, autonomous learning is ideal for college students who may be teaching youth.

2. Sports coach ($ 12.50 per hour)
And if you are well versed in any kind of sport and can train novice high school players, work part-time as a sports coach. There are three different ways to become a sports coach.

The first is part-time work in school or college. The second is the opening of our own training academy. And third, by offering one-on-one coaching to people who want to learn.

3. Financial advisor ($ 50 per hour + commissions)
Working as a part-time financial consultant is very profitable. Many companies need financial advisors for their clients. You can also work part-time as a financial advisor at a bank or investment company.

The work includes analyzing the financial situation of an individual or family and finding the best investment options. You can also receive commissions from banks and financial institutions.

4. Accountant ($ 42,000 per year)
If you know how to handle money and know how to keep records, work as a part-time accountant. Typically this work requires 20 hours a week or 4 hours a day.

However, part-time accountants make a lot of money because they work for different employers. Your task is to keep track of how much money came in and where it came from. And, of course, any expenses.

5. Content Writer ($ 12.50 to $ 500)
There is absolutely no shortage of part-time content writing jobs as long as you have the ability to write, an eye for detail, and the patience for research. Content is essential for bloggers and companies that own websites, affiliate marketers and other organizations. Typically, you need to bid for a content writing job from some popular website where buyers post their requirements.

6. Graphic Designer ($ 10 to $ 500)
There is also a huge demand in the world for part-time graphic designers. As a result, there have been some great crowdsourcing sites that you can find graphic design jobs part-time.

After successfully registering on these websites, you can enter contests with attractive prizes, bid with other members to build a collective team, or work on your own.

7. Merchandiser ($ 15 per hour)
Warehousing and purchasing of goods are two important roles of a merchandiser. Thanks to online shopping, merchandisers are in huge demand.

In fact, you can find a great merchandiser or warehouse and shop at Amazon, eBay, Rakuten USA, Walmart, and other major stores. This is an offline job, although you may have to work online at the employer's premises if necessary.

8. Delivery agent ($ 12.95 to $ 25 per hour + tip)
Returning to online shopping, every seller wants to ensure on-time delivery to customers. If you have the time, driver's license, and vehicle to deliver a variety of goods, there are quite a few websites where you can find a part-time delivery agent job.

The best in this category are Amazon Flex and Postmates.com. You will be delivering anything to customers from regular pizza to decorations.

9. Host of the ceremony ($ 30-100 per hour)
Event companies, catering companies, banquet halls need people who can hold ceremonies or parties. This is a great part-time job for women and men that can get people to dance or focus on a stage event.

Of course, there are other skills as well, including entertaining people on happy occasions and paying tribute to the departed in a dark condolence meeting.

10. Disc jockey ($ 80-150 per hour)
Also needed are event companies, elite pubs and restaurants, disc jockey clubs and hotels. To DJ part-time, you sweat